Over 50 years ago Unger was founded by a window cleaner who was in need of better window cleaning products.

Today, Unger is the undisputed market leader for professional window cleaning. Unger products stand for durability and high quality and this makes it one of our favorite brands.

Boom | Ouderwetsewinkel.nl is the Unger specialist in the Netherlands. We sell the entire Unger range; from Squeegees to telescopic handles. For the professional window cleaner we also offer demineralized water (also known as deionized or osmosis water) at our water point at the warehouse. Here you can tap demineralized water  24/7.

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  1. Raamwisser ErgoTec
    Raamwisser ErgoTec
  2. Raamwisser S-Wisser
    Raamwisser S-Wisser
  3. Wisser Rubber Zacht
    Wisser Rubber Zacht
  4. Zeem

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