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Trip clogs are clogs where the wooden top is partly missing.

Leather straps or leather caps replace the missing part of the clog. 

Trip clogs were formerly worn in certain regions in the Netherlands, especially in the Eastern Netherlands.

However, also in the direction of France people have traditionally known the trip lump, also called bateliere or skippers.

Our trip clogs are made of poplar wood.

Nowadays, trip clogs are often chosen for comfort.

The benefits of the clog are combined;

  • Orthopedic insole
  • Warm in the winter
  • Cool in the summer
  • No sweaty feet because the moisture is absorbed by the wood and there is fresh air around the entire foot
  • Cheap
  • Safe with the pleasant feeling of a leather covering

Especially when you have a high instep, trip clogs are extremely comfortable.

The straps and caps are fixed to your personal size.

If you are doing a lot on your knees or if you experienced normal clogs as a little unpleasant on top of the foot, trip clogs are the recommended clogs for you.

Measuring and applying Straps on Trip Clogs

The straps are secured in such a way that your foot can just go in and out of the clog.

Use a pencil to indicate where you would like the straps to be placed.

Sometimes trip clogs are designed with slots on the sides where the straps can be inserted.

We have chosen to make our trip clogs without slots. That way you are much freer in choosing the place where you put the straps. You can let the straps run straight over the instep.

We often fasten the straps backwards. You can fasten the straps with caps or buckles.

We screw the straps in because screws stay in place better.

In addition, the straps can be easily adjusted by the screws if they become too spacious over time or if they need to be replaced.

By the way, the straps usually last longer than the clogs themselves, especially if you treat and polish them occasionally. You simply transfer the straps to your next pair of trip clogs.

Measuring and fitting Caps on Trip Clogs

Measuring the hoods is the same as fitting the straps.

The part of the hood where there is no cushion is tightened over the edge of the top of the shoe. Place both ends of the hood so that the foot can enter and exit with exit.

Mark the place where the hood should come down to with a pencil, then secure the hood with 2 screws on each side.

Straps or caps:

Leather straps are the simplest way to wear the trip clogs as they are pleasant and lightweight.

The leather caps are the luxurious version of the straps.

The caps have padded cushions on the instep, which of course feels even more pleasant.

In addition, the caps completely close the top of the clog, so less earth, grass, water, etc. in the clog.

Tip: Regularly polish the straps and caps with leather polish or Vaseline, then they will last longer.

The Tapdancers of Taptoi wear custom trip clogs made by us. They eventually went with the trip clogs to Beijing to give some beautiful performances with the trip clogs.

(Marieke van der Ven / Table9).

Various residents of the Zuiderzee Museum also walk on our trip clogs.

Over the years we have measured hundreds of pairs of trip clogs.

The price of the trip clogs is equal to the price of the ordinary white clogs made of poplar wood.

Weight and size of straps

15 grams each (of course always sold per two)

Width 2cm, length 30cm

Weight and size of caps

60 grams each (will of course always be sold in pairs)

Width from 4.5cm to 8cm

Length 28cm

Price straps per pair € 3.00

Price caps per pair € 12.00

We supply trip clogs from size 37/38 to size 46/47.

Tip: de riempjes en kappen regelmatig invetten met leervet of vaseline.  Dan gaan ze nog langer mee.

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Material Poplar Wood
Country of Manufacture Netherlands
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