Traditional Wooden Clothes Pegs

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Traditional Wooden Clothes Pegs, durable enough to hang damp laundry. These clothes pegs resemble the kind your grandmother used to hang the washing. Made fully out of wood they don’t rust and  last a lifetime. Without the metal springs, these pegs don’t snap or spring.

People with rheumatism find these pegs easy to use, you can just slide them onto any clothesline, not need to squeeze.

Another plus is that these pegs don’t leave an imprint on your favorite t-shirt like normal spring loaded pegs do.

Nowadays, these traditional pegs have many more uses. They can be used to fix photos, pictures, tickets and mores. Or just use them to keep a bags closed. You can make a doll or for home décor.

  • Ideal for hanging laundry
  • No-snap, no-spring
  • Crafting champion
  • 100% quality wood
  • Perfect for people who find it difficult to squeeze spring loaded pegs
  • Last a lifetime
More Information
Material Wood
Weight 440 gram
Size 11 cm
Amount 50 pegs
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