Ostrich Feather Duster 45cm

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This feather duster is made from ostrich feathers. Ostrich feathers are naturally ideal for dusting fragile items that are difficult to clean with other tools. The long handles and wide ends of the feathers make the duster ideal for antiques and chandeliers. The feathers can reach into small crevices without becoming damaged, or damaging your furniture.

This feather duster is 45cm long; the handle being 27cm.

The ostrich feathers come in various lengths, colours, and degrees of fineness. The finest feathers are often the largest feathers. While the shades of each duster may differ, creamy white feathers are exceptionally rare. Count yourself lucky if you find a few in your duster!

No ostriches are killed or harmed for their feathers. The feathers in our dusters are collected naturally from loved and properly cared-for ostriches.

To keep the feathers in the duster in their best condition, do not tap the duster to get the dust out after use. Instead, we advise that you roll the duster between your hands. It is also recommended that you do this outdoors. 

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Material Wood, Ostrich Feathers
Size Total length 45 cm, Stem 27 cm
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