Ostrich Feather Duster 43 cm

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A feather duster with ostrich feathers is ideal for dusting delicate items which are difficult to keep dust free, such as chandeliers, mini-blinds, collectibles, furniture, antiques, plants, and all other general dusting. The individual feathers are able to penetrate through the ornaments and get the dust out of without disturbing any objects.

This feather duster has a total lenght of 70 cm, with a 43 cm stem.

Ostrich feathers come in various lengths, in shades of white to dark brown, and fineness. The softest duster has black feathers from the male ostrich. Also the larger or bigger feathers tent to be more softer. Gray ostrich feathers coming from the female birds are not as soft as the black feathers.

The ostrich is not killed for the feathers.

After dusting, go outside but do not shake to get rid of the dust, instead roll the stem between your hands ensuring the dust particles get removed from the feathers. This way the feathers remain intact.

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Material Wood, Ostrich Feathers
Weight 120 gram
Size Total length 70 cm, Stem 43 cm
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