Multi Coloured Wooden Shoes

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The traditional multi coloured wooden shoes or clogs, originate in the the Netherlands. Our Dutch clog shop has been established since 1835 and still today, all of our wooden shoes are manufactured locally using wood from poplar trees. Buy these multi coloured woodenshoes with classic pattern for use around the home.

The special shapes of clogs comes from an orthopedic form to give stability and support to the feet. Wooden shoes are very hygienic due to the unique design which allows fresh air to flow around your feet. The insulating effect of wooden shoes means that your feet stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

Our multi coloured clogs are available in sizes from EU 19 - 47.

With clogs, the fit is crucial, they should feel comfortable when you walk in them.

How do you know the correct clog size?

  • Always wear socks when fitting clogs.
  • If your toes are fully flat and there is room around the front and sides, you have the correct size.
  • You should be able to wear the wooden shoes with thick socks.
  • In the beginning wearing your clogs with tick socks is more comfortable. When you are used to the clogs, you can easily walk bare foot it them.

Please check our handy wooden shoes size chart for more information on adults and children sizing.

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Material Poplar Wood
Country of Manufacture Netherlands
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