Shop of the Month | Happy customers

Shop of the Month - Happy Customers

It is a miracle that Boom at the Huigbrouwerstraat 3 in the old quarter of Alkmaar still exists. And that since 1835.

In 2012, a devastating fire took place and the monumental building suffered a lot of water damage. But luckily everything was restored to its original state, including the cash register from 1902. Boom has traditionally specialized in clogs, brushes, household products and ropes. You can also order everything from the webshop

"Customer leave happy here," says owner Bernadette-Boom de Waard, who has been running the shop for 35 years, and that's not an understatement. The range of products is impressive. In the shop you can find products which you can hardly find anywhere else: teapot spouts, pipe or radiator cleaners, starch powder, Reckitt's Crown Blue fabric whitener, chimney sweeps, the famous DDDDD tea towels: it is only a short summary. Thousands of products are stacked up to the ceiling in the store. Only the collection of brushes is already impressive: washing-up brushes, brooms, mops, work brushes, feather duster and so on.

A special mention goes to the Unger windown cleaning products, with the best squeegees in the world. Boom also sell the squeege replacement rubber. 

Adres Fa. Boom, Huigbrouwerstraat 3 Alkmaar,

Title: Shop of the Month - Happy Customers
Media: Ditjes & datjes nr. 5 Mei
Author: Emile Bode
Date: 19 April 2017
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