Reckitt's Blue Laundry Blue

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Everybody loves crisp white sheets and towels and the secret to bringing your whites back to sparkling life is not white but blue; Reckitt’s Crown Blue.

Used in Royal laundries (hence the ‘crown’) since 1852, Reckitt’s Crown Blue has been the whitner of choice for Prince’s and paupers alike.

Through the centuries these little cubes of whitening magic have also been known as doll’s blue, fig blue and stone blue.

Reckitt's Laundry Blue is an environmentally friendly product, make from synthetic ultramarine and sodium bicarbonate without the aid of bleach or dyes.

Can be used in hot or cold water.

The block of Reckitt’s Crown Blue are sold individually. A cube is 1.50 each.

For bluing per machine wash, use 1/8th part of a cube. For hand washing, wrap the cube in muslin or cotton and squeeze the cube into the water until the water turns slightly blue. Stir in the fabric in the water to whiten. IMPORTANT: Do not let the fabric soak.

For hand washing a gauze bandage works just fine. 

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Brand Reckitt
Weight 15 gram
Amount 1 cube
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