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Since 2008 Reckitt Blue has unfortunately ceased production, and since then we have sold out of what we still had in stock.

Fortunately, we now have Ultramarine Laundry Blue, which works exactly the same as Reckitt's Crown Blue.

Your clothes become optically whiter by the bluish tinge of our washing blue. It is sold in a box of 5 sachets of 10 grams.

Our Laundry Blue is non-toxic, biodegradable, non-hazardous, and environmentally friendly.


Add the contents of a sachet of Laundry Blue to the main wash together with the washing powder. A bag is sufficient for a 5kg washing load.

More Information
Brand Schneeberg Ultramarin Waschblau
Weight 50 gram (5 x 10 gram)
Country of Manufacture Germany
Amount 5 zakjes in 1 doosje
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Did you think that laundry was the only thing that you could use Laundry Blue for?

Think again! Is your dog looking a little grey in the fur today? Add a little Laundry Blue to their rinse water and watch them return to that fluffy white you know and love. You may know about using cola for wasp stings; but what about an alternative for bee stings?

A little Laundry Blue dissolved in water and then dabbed onto the sting can instantly relieve pain and help reduce some of the swelling.

At some point, everyone wonders how fountains and swimming pools achieve the only luscious deep blue water you can find outside of a 90’s anime. Chances are, your local pool dyes their water with Laundry Blue to achieve our favourite watery aesthetic. You could even add a sprinkling of the powder to your child’s bath water for some extra bath time fun!

Most people have a slightly eccentric family member that always seems to be off fishing somewhere; and if you don’t have that family member, it’s probably you. If that fisherman you know is particularly partial to salmon fishing, why not get them some Laundry Blue to brine their bait in? Laundry Blue is commonly used in herring brine.

A non-toxic, non-hazardous, washable wonder; Ultramarine Laundry Blue may be the key to your next household hack discovery!