Large Furniture Brush

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This large brush is meant for the care of furniture and lampshades. This brush is entirely unique and has a number of exclusive properties:

  1. The bristles are soft and sturdy; giving you long-term use on delicate furniture.
  2. The brush is made with natural fibers, and is therefore anti-static and the fibers will not warp with prolonged use.
  3. The bristles are places at different angles throughout the brush, giving you the comfort needed to brush in any direction. It is perfect if you have suede furniture!
  4. The head of the brush is wide and has longer hair, helping you clean in those hard-to-reach places.

If you are in search of a high-quality furniture brush for surfaces from the coarse to the delicate, this is the perfect tool.

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Material Wood, Pig Bristles
Weight 130 gram
Size 30 cm
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