Horsehair Hand Brush

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This horsehair hand brush, with a waxed wood handle, is an ideal hand sweeper for indoor use. This horsehair hand duster is also suitable for outdoor use, on delicate paintwork or plastic.

The hand sweeper is light in use. The brush has a nicely designed pleasant handle of waxed wood.

The bristles itself are 100% horsehair. This is pretty unique nowadays, mostly you find mixed bristles. Horsehair has great characteristics, it will make sure all the fine dust is sweeped. The horsehair is split brown and extra full.

The horse hair hand brush retains its resilience. The bristles will not fray or become hard, not even with intensive use.

The total length of the sweeper is 30 cm, the height (including hair) 8 cm and the width 4 cm.

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Material Wood, Horsehair
Weight 180 gram
Size 30 x 4 x 8 cm
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