Crackfree Starch Powder

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Crackfree starch powder is a unique natural product made from rice. This natural product protects your laundry and returns its original firmness. The starch powder forms a protective layer around the textile fibres. It safeguards your linen from wear and dirt making it last longer. It also prevents dirt and sweat entering into the material. During your next wash, dirt gets easily washed out.


Wash machine: 1 bag = 100 gm. Add the crackfree powder in the small detergent compartment in the washing machine drawer. Turn on the machine and spin. For soft and smooth laundry, iron dry. For extra firm, iron whilst damp.

Handwash: Dissolve 1 to 2 tablespoons of starch powder into 100 ml of cold water until a smooth paste. Add 3/4 liter of warm water stirring continuously. Add more cold water for a softer finish. Immerse your washed wet laundry in the Crack Free solution. Do not rise after.

Each box contains 2 bags of 100 gram.

Add a little Crackfree starch powder to the bath water for a soft skin! Soften the rough skin and reduce itchiness.

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Brand Crackfree
Weight 240 gram
Size 17.0x12.0x4.5 cm
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