Alkmaar Cheese Market 2020

Alkmaar Cheese Market

Visiting the Cheese Market in Alkmaar?

There is more than just cheese at the world famous Alkmaar Cheese Market...

 A visit to the cheese market is not complete until you have passed by our Wooden Shoes Stall at the Cheese Market, and our unforgettable shop from 1835 where you can find traditional Dutch household items, wooden clogs, ropes and brushes. 

1. Watch our 'Klompensnijder' at work and learn about the traditional Dutch handicraft of wooden shoe carving.

'Klompensnijder' at work

In old Dutch folklore, a hopeful fiancé would carve out a pair of elegant clogs and offer them to his future bride. The ornate engagement clogs replaced the verbal and bended knee marriage proposal.

If the bride-to-be accepted the proposal, she would wear the clogs until the wedding day.  After which the wooden shoes were hung on the wall as a momento of their wedding day and forever love.

2. The end result is simply stunning!

Carved air of elegant Clogs

Nowadays, the clogs are ornamental and given as gifts.

3. On the stall we sell our best selling, traditional yellow wooden shoes.....

Traditional Yellow Wooden Shoes

Traditionally, clogs are painted yellow in color, sometimes with simple decorations that vary from village to village. Often, shoelaces were handpainted on to imitate a rich man's "expensive" leather shoes.

Every clog maker used to have his own unique model and decoration. 

4. Not sure of your wooden shoe size? Don't worry, our experts will help you find the right fit.

Find a matching pair of wooden shoes

Bernadette and her team have helped thousands of happy customers with buying a matching pair of wooden shoes.  We will find the right pair of wooden shoes together.

No time to visit us? No worries, you can buy our wooden shoes online as well.


5. Our beautiful multi coloured wooden shoes depict our famous windmills. No surprises they are very popular!

Multi Coloured Wooden Shoes

Looking for the ultimate souvenir to take home? Our collection of multi coloured wooden shoes in whimsical Windmill, tantalising Tulip or delectable Delft Blue desgins are an excellent choice.


6. If wooden shoes are too hard for you, we have the answer... clog slippers! They look just like the classic wooden shoes but have the comfort of slippers! 

Clog Slippers

Our wooden shoe slippers will keep your feet toasty warm even on the coldest of winter days. They are are machine-washable and have an anti-slip sole. Not only that, the best part is they weigh almost nothing so easy to pop in your luggage and take them with you on the plane. 

7. Share the experience and take a photo in our gigantic pair of wooden shoes!

Gigantic pair of Wooden Shoes

One for the album / Instagram / Facebook / Snapchat... however you want share good times with your friends and followers, come and take a free photo in our humungous pair of wooden shoes.

8. And when you're done with all that, our shop is truly worth a visit.

The museum like shop in Alkmaar

The museum like shop has remained unchanged since 1942 retaining much of its original character and charm and it's just a hop, skip and a jump away from the Alkmaar Cheese Market.

Both the interior and exterior of the shop are a national heritage. Our shop presents timeless Dutch products and good old-fashioned personal service with the shop being ran by the Boom family themselves.

Have a look at our virtual tour and see for yourself how special and unique the shop is. 

No surprise, everyone loves the shop!


Where can you find us?

The Wooden Shoes Stall

Every Friday, during Cheese Market season, you can find the stall at the Gewelfde Stenenbrug.

Our Shop

The Shop is situated in the old historic quarter of Alkmaar, at the Huigbrouwerstraat 3, only 2 minutes from the Cheese Market.

 J.Boom |
Huigbrouwerstraat 3
1811 BJ Alkmaar
The Netherlands

The below map shows how to get to the cheese market, our stall and our shop. Please stop by and say hello!

Alkmaar Cheese Market Dates for 2020

Given the Corona situation the Alkmaar municipality decided to postpone the first cheese market of the season until after June 1.