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Boom - Clogs & Brushes

An “unforgettable” shop that puts a smile on your face

For nearly 200 years the Boom family has been the specialist for hand-made Dutch household items including traditional wooden clogs, brushes, household products and ropes in Alkmaar, the Netherlands, the cheese capital of the world. Situated in the old historic quarter of Alkmaar, the shop presents the timeless products and touch of old-fashioned personal service with the shop being ran by the Boom family themselves. The shop’s location in the heart of one of the Netherland’s most iconic tourist destinations has put this family business on the world map with tourists from Europe and Asia visiting the store to purchase the traditional Dutch handicrafts.

We have an extensive and eclectic mix of traditional and modern products. If you can think of it, we have it. For instance, we sell Crackfree starch powder, Reckitt's Crown Blue fabric whitener, pipe or radiator cleaners, teapot spouts and chimney sweeps. Our rope and twine collection include sustainably sourced natural fibres, for example hemp, manila, sisal and cotton. Our thousands of products are stacked up to the ceiling. Don't forget to look up. Our products also hang from the ceiling! Feather dusters, rotan carpet beaters, and shoe brushes hang side by side.

People leave our shop happy. 

Our shop in Alkmaar

Our shop in Alkmaar at Huigbrouwerstraat 3 is truly worth a visit. Since it was established, the shop interior has retained much of its original character and charm. The shop window, the hundreds of brushes hanging from the ceiling, the rows of traditional clogs, and the classic cash register remain the same. Have a look at our virtual tour and see for yourself how special and unique the shop is. 


For our webshop we use the "Ouderwetsewinkel.nl" name. This roughly translates as the "old fashioned shop". In the webshop we sell a limited selection of our unique array of products. The complete product range can be found in our brick and mortar store at Huigbrouwerstraat 3 in Alkmaar. 

Professional Cleaning Supplies

Over the years, we have expanded our range of professional cleaning products. We carry brands such as Diversey and Vikan. We are proud to also sell the entire Unger window cleaning collection. We sell Unger's professional window cleaning products to companies, institutions, but also to private individuals. Our Unger (waterfed) telescopic poles allow you to work safely reaching up, and eliminating the use of a ladder. For professional window cleaning we sell demineralized or deionized water (pure water). Cleaning with pure water means you leave your windows to dry naturally to a spotless, streak free finish. The pure water leaves no sticky soap residue, which attracts fresh dirt back to the window. You window will stay cleaner for longer!

The pure water can be bought at our warehouse in the Boekelemermeer where we make it ourselves.

Service & Knowhow

Besides the chimney sweeper we  use all our products ourselves at home or in our warehouse (we do not have a chimney). If you have a question, we have the answer. Come to the store or send us an email. In the store we can put together a bespoke broom for you. We can tailor a coconut mat for you. Specially painted clogs with a unique text or logo, contact us and we will make it happen. For our older customers living in the Alkmaar region, we deliver our products at home. Quality service is in our company's DNA.

Bernadette Boom

Bernadette's story

Bernadette explains, "In 1982, the owner of the store, my father-in-law Johan Boom, died as a result of a car accident. The future of the shop was uncertain. The idea of a having my own shop suited me, as I also come from an entrepreneurial family. With a little help I made the jump and became the owner. At the time I didn't know much about the company.

We had and still have a huge range of products. Our collection includes thousands of items, we carry a wide assortment.

In 2012, we had a big fire, which had a devastating effect on the entire monumental building, including the store. Eventually, we decided to rebuild everything as it was. Today, everything looks like as it did decades ago. We are feeling positive about the future. But for now we are still having fun every day!"